Onion Powder

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Onion Powder

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You actually wanted to cook something quickly, but then you try the simmering feast and something is missing. There's salt, there's aroma, there's a certain sweetness and also a little sour kick. But something is missing... umami! The solution: Gipfelhirsch's onion powder is a full load of umami. Simply add a large pinch and you will be enveloped by an embracing fragrance that will leave you hungry for more. Now you're ready to dig in ­čĄĄ


Gujarat, India

Best Before

31 Aug 2026

Date Packaged

29 Apr 2024


65 g

Food Matches

Onion powder may be used as a seasoning atop a variety of foods and dishes, such as pasta, pizza, and grilled chicken. It is also a primary ingredient in beau monde seasoning. It is also sometimes used as a meat rub.

Gujarat, India

Schiff + LKW 91% 9%
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13516 km

The Container

Our glass jars are manufactured in the north of Germany. They are made from a specific soda lime glass that is designed for the food and beeverage industry.

The Closure

Our corks originate from Portugal are are a mixed press cork, which means that offcuts and otherwise unusable cork is combined into a food-safe closure for our jars.

The Label

Our labels are made from cane sugar fiber (95%) and 5% hemp and linen. The matt labels are printed with organic ink.

The Farm & Farmer

Shiv Export is one of the leading Dehydrated onion supplier in India. Ensuring an acceptable level of food quality and safety they offer Premium quality Dehydrated onion, Dehydrated garlic like White onion kibbled, White onion powder, Red onion powder, Red onion kibbled, Garlic powder, Granulated garlic, and other Indian spices. 

Shiv Export Ôćĺ

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