About Us

  • the founder of Gipfelhirsch Matthias Hirsch


    Matthias ist der Gründer und Head Spice Mixer bei Gipfelhirsch. Was als Hobby begann wurde zum Beruf – mit tollen Geschmäckern neue Gerichte in der Küche zaubern. Man kann ihn immer bei irgendwelchen Projekten beobachten, denn er hat mehr Ideen als Zeit.

  • Andreas

    Andreas ist das kreative Genie bei Gipfelhirsch – er kommt immer mit neuen Ideen um die Ecke und ist mit Leidenschaft bei Gipfelhirsch reingepurzelt.

  • Unzählige Helferinnen

    Ohne Team nix los - wir haben ein super Team an Kollegen, Freunden, Verwandten, Lieblingsmenschen und Helfern, die uns immer wieder antreiben und pushen. Danke an: Amanda, Dodo, Pedes, Sara, Cornel, Katja, Denny, Dave und an alle Produkttesterinnen 💜.

  • Gipfelhirsch's Quality emblem


    using high quality raw ingredients means we can supply nothing but the best. We aim to source bio-certified and fresh products. Fairness is an important aspect. Here you can find out more.

  • The innvovation lightbulb - we get inspiration from everywhere.


    we innovate through unique products, mass-customisation and novel production methodologies.

  • We are proud and Swiss - we manufacture with love in a beautiful country


    swiss-made stands for high quality products and artisanal innovations. We convey brand value through being proud producers in Switzerland.

  • We are passionate about what we do: great products


    we are passionate about what we do. Putting an extra amount of love and effort in our products is our key and we have taken this to heart.

  • The customer always comes first.

    Customer Focus

    the customer is king and queen! We take on feedback and let customers influence our journey together. Transparency of how we do things creates trust in us as a company.

  • A hand with a plant growing in it: Gipfelhirsch's focus towards sustainability


    with sustainability at the core, we ensure that we reduce our environmental impact through local sourcing, where possible, whilst protecting farmers and enable fair pay.

  • Our mission is to reach the top of the mountain (of flavour)

    Our Mission


    High-quality products, carefully prepared and blended, beautiful to look at and delicious to consume.

    A whole untapped world of spices and flavors is waiting to be explored with us.

  • Great products for great people: Gipfelhirsch packages are delicious.

    Our Products


    We bring you exotic spice blends and unusual spices from all over the world, unique cordial blends and the basics – all at the highest quality.

  • Natural resources are worth protecting. Gipfelhirsch reduces and reusess so that we can source the best quality.

    Our Resources


    Our love of nature means we design our products with awareness and consideration; this is just as important as high-quality ingredients, because this is how we drive a sustainable economy. Over at our /packaging page you can find out more details about our sustainability approach.