Das Gipfelhirsch Spice Lab

  • Die Genusswochen im Züri Oberland mit unserem eigenen Event: Das Gipfelhirsch Spice Lab

    Events am: 09.09, 17.09 & 24.09

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  • A house with trees showcasing our responsibility and closeness to nature

    Our Responsibility

    In the supply chain, the supplier usually has the bargaining power. Gipfelhirsch consciously sources raw materials to ensure a fair and responsible business practises.

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  •  A cook with spatula showing our vision of Gipfelhirsch for the future: great taste for everyone

    Our Vision

    From the walls of our HQ to our global partners in the value chain - everybody is important. We at Gipfelhirsch put big emphasis on an innovative, sustainable culture that focusses on the people.

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  • A stack of boxes showing the responsible ways of our packaging - through using recycled materials and reusable containers in all of our products

    Our Packaging

    In early days, all packaging was sustainable as that was the only type that was available. We, as an e-commerce company, focus on reducing our impact and consider the environment.

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