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Coriander Seed

​Pleasant and fragrant citrus tones. Pimps your curry but also vegetables and much more. 45g in a cork glass

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Both a herb and a spice are produced by the coriander plant. The leaf, known as cilantro, and coriander seeds are collected. The leaf contains vastly different aroma groups but is also controversial - here in Europe, the seeds are more popular. Coriander seeds are often used for baking (it harmonizes wonderfully in fruit bread) but also in brewing and distilling. With their pleasant floral scent, the seeds bring a harmonious, fresh and lemony flavor to many dishes. If the seeds are briefly roasted in a pan (without oil), they develop a wonderfully nutty aroma. When ground, they often refine curries and masalas. Coriander seeds not only spice up your curry, they also go excellently with vegetables, breads, pastries, cookies, corned beef and sausages. In Indian cuisine, coriander seed is often used in spice blends. We also like the combination with smoky notes best, such as our smoked salt or Chipotle.

  • ​Ingredients
    100% Coriander seeds, whole
    45 g
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  • Usage
    ​Awaken the exotic magic of whole coriander seeds in your kitchen. Freshly ground, coriander spreads fragrant citrus tones and pimps your curry, vegetables and much more!
  • Nutritional Value per 100g
    energy 298 kcal / 1248 kJ
    fat 17.8 g
    of which fatty acids 0.1 g
    carbohydrates 55 g
    of which sugar 0 g
    protein 12.4 g
    salt 0.1 g
    fibre 41.9 g

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