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Onion Powder

Sweet, warming and above all umami! Finest onion seasoning to round off your dishes. 60g in a cork glass

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Deine Gipfelhirsch Produkte

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You actually wanted to cook something quickly, but then you try the simmering feast and something is missing. There's salt, there's aroma, there's a certain sweetness and also a little sour kick. But something is missing... umami! The solution: Gipfelhirsch's onion powder is a full load of umami. Simply add a large pinch and you will be enveloped by an embracing fragrance that will leave you hungry for more. Now you're ready to dig in 🤤

  • Ingredients
    100% onion powder
    60 g
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  • Usage
    ​Sweet, warming and above all an umami pack. Our onion-powder are perfect in soups, sauces and long-cooked foods and give every dish an important basis.
  • Nutritional Value per 100g
    energy 272 kcal / 1139 kJ
    fat 0.9 g
    of which fatty acids 0.3 g
    carbohydrates 35.3 g
    of which sugar 28.7 g
    protein 10.5 g
    salt 0.3 g
    fibre 36.5 g

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