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B​belongs in every Mediterranean and Caribbean dish. Wonderfully herbaceous and great for stewing. Must not be missing in any steak sauce. 20g in a cork jar

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Deine Gipfelhirsch Produkte

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Hey, herb lovers! Along with basil, oregano and rosemary, our shredded thyme is an intense herb that has established itself in Mediterranean countries and in modern cuisine. Whether you are preparing soups, stews, meat or vegetables, thyme always goes well. Try it with chicken, lamb or grilled vegetables - and thyme also tastes great on pizza or pasta sauce. And did you know that thyme is also delicious in tea or as a syrup? Simply pour hot water on it or refine it with honey and lemon peel.
Thyme is not only an important part of Mediterranean cuisine but is also used a lot in the Caribbean - and with good reason: This spice gives your fish, meat, vegetable or cheese dish a wonderfully herbaceous note and refreshes with a hint of eucalyptus and bergamot. Mixed with cinnamon, parsley and allspice, thyme is the perfect base for a Caribbean BBQ. Now all we need are the fresh habaneros 🌶️
Our thyme leaves come in a practical, resealable cork jar that not only looks good but also preserves the aroma. Get our thyme now and bring Mediterranean aromas into your kitchen. With Gipfelhirsch, cooking becomes a pleasure!

  • Ingredients
    ​​100% Thyme, granulated
    20 g
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  • Usage
    ​Wonderfully herbaceous and aromatic, thyme is great for long-simmering dishes. Our thyme is wonderful for the Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Nutritional Value per 100g
    energy 323 kcal / 1352 kJ
    fat 7.4 g
    of which fatty acids 3.7 g
    carbohydrates 45.3 g
    of which sugar 44.9 g
    protein 9.1 g
    salt 0.1 g
    fibre 18.6 g

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