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What grows almost like weeds in some areas is used a lot for seasoning in this country. Oregano has become an integral part of our kitchen, especially when it comes to Mediterranean dishes. Oregano is a must on pizza and pasta and complements your salad dressing and anything else that could use a fresh, herbaceous touch.


Izmir, Turkey

Best Before

31 Dec 2026

Date Packaged

09 Apr 2024


20 g



Food Matches

Oregano is an intense herb and grows wild in warmer climates. Tastes better dried than fresh (unique!). Goes very well with Mediterranean dishes, in soups, fresh fish and tomatoes. Classic spice blends: Herbes de Provence, Edesia (Gipfelhirsch)


Carvacrol, Thymol, Fenchol, Cymene

Izmir, Turkey

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2.5 grams of CO2*

*How do we calculate the CO2 footprint?

Our CO2 footprint calculation is only based on the transport of the packaging and product. Please keep in mind that these values are an average approximation based on the EN16258 standard. For more information about emissions calculations, check carboncare.org

The Container

Our glass jars are manufactured in the north of Germany. They are made from a specific soda lime glass that is designed for the food and beverage industry.

The Closure

Our corks originate from Portugal are are a mixed press cork, which means that offcuts and otherwise unusable cork is combined into a food-safe closure for our jars.

The Label

Our labels are made from cane sugar fiber (95%) and 5% hemp and linen. The matt labels are printed with organic ink.

The Farm & Farmer

Tarege Trade House (Tarege Ticaret Evi) is a family company, specialized in exporting spices, herbs, oil seeds, pulses and dehydrated vegetables.

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