We love sharing knowledge - from the Spice Lab to Beer Brewing and Flavour matching. Gipfelhirsch offers you a range of courses to expand your culinary impressions that gives you to the tools to impress those around you.

  • Every participant will receive a booklet and can use the equipment provided to mix their own spice mixes.
  • Your complete guide to spices

    What is sumac? What is the difference between cassia and cinnamon? How do I prepare spices? And how do I store them? What spices go in my mix? These and many other questions are answered in the the Spice Lab.

    Bring out your Oregano Gangster 
  • The Spice Jars to choose your own ingredients from at the Gipfelhirsch Spice Lab.
  • Brew Courses by Brewhouse

    We've partnered with our friends at Brewhouse in Wallisellen to offer unique brew courses.

    Whether with friends, family, as a club outing or company event, a brewing course at the Hardwald Brewhouse is just the right thing for every occasion.
    You will be introduced to the art of brewing beer and you can even lend a hand with mashing, lautering and boiling the popular beer. You will also learn other interesting facts about beer. Of course, after fermentation is complete, you can take the end product home in bottles with your individual label and judge your skills as a brewer yourself.

    More information is at the link below

    Become the expert in Beer