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Apple Cinnamon Cordial - the Winter edition

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When the days are getting shorter and the Christmas Markets are opening their doors to invite you for a mulled wine, then Winter time is around the corner.

With intense Ceylon cinnamon, yummy apple pieces, refreshing blueberries our Apple Cinnamon cordial will put you in a constant relaxed mode. You can enjoy this cordial either warm or cold. #wintertimeiscuddletime ☃


  • Boil contents + 250 ml water
  • Let steep for 5-10 mim
  • Fill back into the jar through a sieve
  • Store in a fridge and use within 7 days

Secret Tip: Combine Apple Cinnamon cordial and hot water. If needed (wanted) add your favourite spirit to give it a warming kick, inside and out.


bio raw cane sugar, apple, citric acid, blueberries, ceylon cinnamon


equates to CHF 6.19/100g

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