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Elderflower Cordial - the fresh one

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This is how the summer tastes! Our elderflower cordial enchants your still water; your summer sparkling wine by the river will be unforgettable and your cocktail party will be a complete success. Elderflowers bring a unique, floral smell and leave a wonderful honey note to the cordial.

If you like Hugo, you will love our elderflower cordial. So: Mix Prosecco or non-alcoholic sparkling wine, elderflower cordial, mint and soda, make yourself comfortable with colleagues and lean back. Bottoms up!


  • Boil contents + 220 ml water
  • Let steep for 5-10 mim
  • Fill back into the jar through a sieve
  • Store in a fridge and use within 7 days

Secret Tip: goes perfectly with a few scoops of summery vanilla ice cream.


Cane sugar, elderflower, citric acid


equates to CHF 5.85/100g

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