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Lavender Cordial - the relaxer

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A lavender-scented pillow but in an almost liquid form. If we had to describe this cordial, we can do it in three words: tempting, relaxing, delicious. Now imagine you are on the Cote d'Azure and a breeze sweeps over the rolling hills that carries the scent of lavender with it.

This cordial, like its brothers and sisters (have a look at similar products below), goes extremely well with water or soda and is wonderfully refreshing. And if that's too boring for you, you should mix a lavender martini, shaken, of course, not stirred.


  • Boil contents + 220 ml water
  • Let steep for 5-10 mim
  • Fill back into the jar through a sieve
  • Store in a fridge and use within 7 days

Secret Tip: Pour fresh white tea and add a dash of lavender cordial. A perfect tea drink whilst snuggling up with a book.


Cane sugar, lavender flowers, citric acid


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