Garlic Powder


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Garlic Powder


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The only thing that makes sense against vampires: our garlic powder. Intense and, in larger quantities, also a little spicy. Please remember that everyone at the table has the same amount of garlic in their food, so that future disputes do not arise in the first place. Garlic powder develops a healthy dose of umami through the drying process and is therefore also a great addition to fresh garlic. And garlic really goes with everything, whether it is a pasta dish, curry or fresh salad!


Jinan, China

Best Before

31 Jul 2026

Date Packaged

12 Jan 2024


80 g



Food Matches

Garlic enhances and combines other flavors - the so-called umami effect. Goes great with roasts, soups, shrimp or with chickpeas in hummus. Classic spice blends: BBQ Rubs, Bergflamme (Gipfelhirsch), Edesia (Gipfelhirsch).


Allicin, Limonen, Sabinen, Pyrazin

Jinan, China

Schiff + LKW 83% 17%
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                  "colorSlice": "#BF360C",
                  "colorCircle": "#f1f1f1",
                  "fontWeight": 100

21293 km


7.8 grams of CO2*

*How do we calculate the CO2 footprint?

Our CO2 footprint calculation is only based on the transport of the packaging and product. Please keep in mind that these values are an average approximation based on the EN16258 standard. For more information about emissions calculations, check

The Container

Our glass jars are manufactured in the north of Germany. They are made from a specific soda lime glass that is designed for the food and beverage industry.

The Closure

Our corks originate from Portugal are are a mixed press cork, which means that offcuts and otherwise unusable cork is combined into a food-safe closure for our jars.

The Label

Our labels are made from cane sugar fiber (95%) and 5% hemp and linen. The matt labels are printed with organic ink.

The Farm & Farmer

In 1996, William Su founded the company Shandong Yipin Ago (Group) Co., Ltd. Started from business of processing, exporting fresh garlic, ginger, and other agro foodstuffs to global markets. He put forward and insist the management idea of agriculture-oriented and serve agriculture to achieve the goals of products with first-class brand, first-class variety, first-class quality, first-class taste.

Shandong Yipin Agro Group Co. Ltd Ôćĺ

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