Fine Sea Salt


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Fine Sea Salt


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The finest sea salt from the Atlantic coast - delicious, consistent and wonderfully salty. An all-rounder in the kitchen for everything that should be salty - so always add a pinch of fine sea salt to the baked goods to enhance the taste. Our fine sea salt can be used extremely flexibly - for cooking, as a finisher and much more.


Gu├ęrande, France

Best Before

30 Apr 2028

Date Produced

30 Jan 2024

Date Packaged

13 Feb 2024


170 g



Food Matches

Some gourmets believe sea salt tastes better and has a better texture than ordinary table salt. In applications that retain sea salt's coarser texture, it can provide a different mouthfeel, and may change flavor due to its different rate of dissolution. The mineral content also affects the taste. This is a fine sea salt that can be used the same as a table salt with a clean salty taste.

Gu├ęrande, France

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1054 km


5.1 grams of CO2*

*How do we calculate the CO2 footprint?

Our CO2 footprint calculation is only based on the transport of the packaging and product. Please keep in mind that these values are an average approximation based on the EN16258 standard. For more information about emissions calculations, check

The Container

Our glass jars are manufactured in the north of Germany. They are made from a specific soda lime glass that is designed for the food and beverage industry.

The Closure

Our corks originate from Portugal are are a mixed press cork, which means that offcuts and otherwise unusable cork is combined into a food-safe closure for our jars.

The Label

Our labels are made from cane sugar fiber (95%) and 5% hemp and linen. The matt labels are printed with organic ink.

The Farm & Farmer

La Baleine, historic table salt from the French, is the guarantee of a 100% marine salt in your kitchen. La Baleine sea salt is a quality salt that crystallizes naturally, combined with the know-how of the salt workers, the rhythm of the sea, the sun and the wind. The production of La Baleine sea salt develops exceptional biodiversity in the saltworks of Aigues-Mortes. Choosing La Baleine is also choosing to preserve this unique nature! Sea salt with naturally white crystals, La Baleine offers you salt in all its forms and for all your culinary inspirations: fine salt, coarse salt, Fleur de Sel, flavored salt, low-sodium salts

La Baliene Ôćĺ

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